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TW12 True Wirelss Bluetooth Earphone

Abandon the traditional indicator mode, bid farewell to the inaccurate power, upgrade the smart dosplay, the battery is accurate to 1%.Bluetooth 5.0 technology can significantly improve the power consumption optimization and signal. Long battery life. It can also improve the signal stability of the bluetooth headset. Pairing + boot memory multiplexing is easier to use.

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1:1 Écouteurs Bluetooth sans fil Apple Airpods

1:Automatiquement activé, connecté automatiquement,Configuration facile pour tous vos appareils2:Accès rapide à Siri par appui long pour 3 secondes Deux clics:jouer pause,recevoir / raccrocher. Three Click:previous music/left earphone, next music/right earphone Click therr times:volume down/left earphone,voiume up/right earphone3New headphone chip delivers faster wireless connection to your devices Charges quickly in the case4:Case can be charged either wirelessly

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