Promotional gift profession Custom Water Bottles with your logo
By Lisa Ruan
Personalized Customization

Promotional gift profession Custom Water Bottles with your logo

Planning a trade show? Give potential clients and prospects custom drinkware. Pick from our wide choice of styles, finish with your business name and create a daily reminder of your brand.

Promote hydration and give your message lots of exposure with customized water bottles. Order these custom-printed water bottles for fundraisers, running events and corporate activities. Select from plastic, metal and shaker style sports water bottles for your next event!

Custom Water Bottles with your logo

Option 1. The design features on this stylish custom coffee mug make it a standout promotional item. Glossy exterior with white glossy interior. Available in an array of classic colors.Warm up your mornings with a hot cup of coffee in the Constellation Spirit Mug. It will serve up your logo and create a daily reminder of your brand.

Custom mugs coffee cup with your logo

Option 2. This amazing bottle does more than hold liquids--it has a built-in Bluetooth® speaker at its base. Portable and attractive, it's a dual-function gift that's ideal for beach days, picnics, workouts, and spontaneous parties. Hand it out at trade shows, concerts, and customer meetings to get people loving your brand for life.

Water Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker

Option 3. This personalized bottle looks retro-hip, but uses vacuum sealing and clever construction to keep beverages at the perfect temperature. We'll laser engrave your custom imprint, so everyone remembers who gave them the trendy drinkware.

16 Oz. Insulated Bottle - Glossy

Put your logo on the water bottles! Get started on your order today!

The best test of whether your clients or customers will be pleased with an incentive or promotional gift is your own feelings about it. If you think it's a cheesy, inexpensive bit of promotional fluff, chances are that they'll see it the exact same way.

2. Choose corporate gifts that you're proud

to put the company name on

Remember that your customers and clients will associate your company with any item that carries its name. When you choose promo giveaway items, be sure to choose items that speak well of your company.

3. The best corporate gifts are the ones

that your recipients will use daily

If the aim of your corporate gifts campaign is to keep your name in the minds of your customers, choose useful items that will get daily use. Some good examples are coffee mugs, personal planners and desk clocks.

4. Put your name on corporate gifts where appropriate

Not every promotional gift should carry your name, but most can accommodate it. Be wary about giving imprinted corporate gifts for special occasions that have little to do with business ? it may be perceived as shameless self promotion. On most occasions, though, a discreet engraving or small print logo is appropriate on even the most personal of professional gifts.

5. If promotion is the intent of your corporate gifts campaign, choose an item associated with your business

If your intent in giving the gifts is to increase the brand recognition of your company, then you should choose something that is associated with your business to help further the association in the minds of your customers. A hardware store that gives out yardsticks ? which are likely to be used when the customers are thinking about hardware ? had made a good choice. A printed pen wouldn't make nearly the same impact on customers.

6. Corporate gifts to executives and associates

should be personal but not too personal

If you're giving corporate gifts as acknowledgement of a holiday, event or personal milestone, you should choose gifts that are meant for personal rather than professional use. This isn't an occasion for printed notepads or mouse mats. Choose items that the gift recipient will use personally ? an engraved key ring, a USB drive or an embroidered cap all fit the bill.

7. Consider your goal when choosing corporate gifts

There's always a reason for giving a gift, and that reason will help dictate the items that you choose to give. Promotional gifts that are meant to increase name recognition will likely be far different than those chosen to thank corporate sponsors of a non-profit event.

8. Make corporate gifts a line item in your company budget

Corporate gifts are more than a feel-good measure. In some businesses, they are an expected and accepted expenditure to help cement relationships between companies and between associates. List it under ?customer retention?, ?advertising? or ?business promotion?, but be sure that you budget for them.

9. Acknowledge exceptional contributions with corporate gifts

There are times throughout the year that employees, contributors and customers will make exceptional contributions. Make it a practice to acknowledge those contributions with a gift that will make your appreciation tangible. For an employee, double the impact of the appreciation by presenting it publicly.

10. Work with an expert when choosing

and designing corporate gifts

Work with an acknowledged expert and professional at a company that specializes in supplying promotional and corporate gifts. Most better companies have account representatives with years of experience who will help you make good choices and assist you with every step of your order.


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