personalized service - Customized PVC soft rubber USB flash drive
By Lisa Ruan
USB Flash Drive

personalized service - Customized PVC soft rubber USB flash drive

Customized PVC soft rubber USB flash drive, put your brand elements, product modeling, enterprise culture into the product design, building of exclusive USB belongs to you.

Custom USB flash drives have dropped significantly in price yet are still considered a high-end gift. Companies get the best value by investing in a custom 2D PVC USB flash drive. When you consider the impact that it makes on your customers and potential clients, it will pay for itself.

A common misconception is that custom drives are expensive but they are not. The only additional expense to that of purchasing USB flash drives is the cost to open a custom mold. Once the mold is open, it’s yours and you can reorder any time for the same price as most USB flash drives. Custom 2D PVC USBs are the most cost efficient way of producing a PVC USB drive and the fastest way to drive home the message about your products and services.

A model is first produced from your artwork and then used to machine an aluminum mold from which the custom PVC USB drives are made. The details in our custom 2D PVC USBs can either be extruded/recessed in the rubber in different colors or they can be pad printed in a single color logo. The finish of our custom 2D PVC USB drives is available in either a matte or shiny finish.

The process is fast...all in a matter of weeks.

  • Start with a simple photo
  • Convert the image into a rendering
  • Create a computer-generated mockup
  • Produce a hand molded sample as a visual or physical proof
  • Deliver the Custom USB flash drives

Custom pvc usb flash drive Waterscape design sketch

As a professional USB flash drive supplier, our R&D team with rich experience for various styles appearance designs, materials structure assembling test, at the custom shape of ABS/metallic/PVC soft rubber mould field, can provide you with efficient and convenient USB mold development service.

COMBINE BRANDING AND CREATIVITY WITH A CUSTOM SHAPED USB DRIVECreate Your Own Custom 3D Shaped USB Flash DrivesCustom 3D Shaped USB Flash memoryCreate Your Own Custom Shaped USB Flash diskCustom Your 3D Shaped USB stick

Send us an image or brief description of your idea and your logo and we’ll design and create your custom drive in under 2 weeks.

Most designs are made from soft PVC but ask us about other manufacturing options such as ABS plastic and metal.

You can also upgrade your custom shape order with the same great product and service options that are available on our standard orders.

Custom Rubber 2D PVC USBCustom Rubber 2D PVC USB disk pen drive

Have a plan already? Send us a sketch, picture or simply a rough drawing. No matter how complicated your design is, we'll make it happen. We create 3D renderings for you that are so realistic they'll look like the final product so you know exactly what you're getting before you order. Have a cool idea but are not sure where to begin? Describe it to us and we'll make some suggestions. Our team of creative designers and engineers are here to work with and guide you every step of the way. Give us a call and let's talk.

Custom Shape PVC USB Flash Drive

A custom pvc USB flash drive, thumbdrive or pendrive is a process of making USB body using PVC or silicone mouding to a preferred size and shape of the required design.

Advantage of custom shape PVC USB flash drive:​

Can be made into any shape & design.

Customised to match required pantone colors.

Miniature of products, logo or people can be made.

Low minimum order, 100 pieces only.

Process of making custom shape PVC USB flash drive: The PVC custom shape usb flash requires 3 simple steps

- Design Process - In this process we will provide a 2D or 3D artwork based on product, sketch or logo given to us.​ Usually the 3D artwork design will be provided within 1-3 days once your order is confirmed & upon receiving product images.

- Moulding Process - A custom mould is required to shape and color the PVC USB, This moulding process will required a special CNC milling machine to carve out the design on a steel metal block.

- PVC Assembly - Heated PVC solution will be poured on to the prepared metal block to achieve the required shape and color. As the last step the USB chipset will be assembled into the finished PVC custom shape.


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