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The difference of Smart watches and traditional watches
In the display and interface, the smart watch for a greater change, LED color display is widely used, and even OLED color display is also applied. Usually the smart watch display will also consider reflex problems to ensure that in the glare of the sun can also see the display. New materials are also being used in the display, such as multi-layer flexible materials, making the display has a flexible function. The display size is also gradually larger, thinner, so that the watch in a more visual experience at the same time, but not too cumbersome. In the interface design, the smart watch has been to support multi-interface selection switch, or self-custom interface, through the interface to view the different information. In the configuration design, smart watches have even introduced the ARM processor, and installed a variety of types of sensors to achieve more features. At the same time there are already many smart watches can be synchronized with the iQS system or Android system support, can also support Bluetooth and so on.
In function, the smart watch has long been beyond the timing, display time so simple function, with more extensions and extensions. Such as the introduction of GPS positioning technology smart watches, athletes or sports enthusiasts can use the watch to help themselves to train. In general, smart watches will support time, calendar, weather, distance, power, alarm clock and other information display, and even news, incoming calls, missed calls, Facebook information, e-mail and other information display or tips. In addition, through the GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM, etc., can be geographically analyzed and managed. And even some smart watches have begun to develop medical applications, such as testing the user pulse, blood oxygen concentration.

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What are the technical requirements for smart watches?
Want to understand the technology of smart watches, generally have to understand the three most important technical components.
Bluetooth is a radio technology that supports short-distance communication (usually within 10m) of the device, and can be used to include wireless mobile phone, PDA, wireless headset notebook. The use of "Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify the communication between the mobile communication equipment, but also can successfully simplify the communication between the device and the Internet, so that data transmission becomes more efficient and efficient, for wireless communication to broaden the road. Bluetooth uses a decentralized network architecture and fast jumps and short packet technology to support point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications, work in the global 2.4GHz ISM band, the data rate of 1 Mbps, the use of time-division duplex transmission program to buy the whole Duplex transmission
Geomagnetic sensor
Geomagnetic sensors can be used to detect the presence and identification of mobile devices. Geomagnetic sensor is a key part of the data acquisition system.The performance of the sensor plays a decisive role in the accuracy of the data acquisition system.
The gyroscope, also known as the "angular motion detection device", is fitted with the angular motion of the high-speed rotary body with respect to the inertial space around the angular motion of one or both axes orthogonal to the axis of rotation. The same function of the angular motion detection pot also known as the gyroscope.
Accelerometer is the instrument that measures the acceleration of the carrier line. The accelerometer consists of a test mass (also known as sensitive mass), support, potentiometer, spring, damper and housing. among them. The accelerometer for measuring aircraft overload is one of the earliest aircraft instruments to be used.

Smart watch price trend & the relations of supply and demand

Background and concept
With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products also began to increase the mobility of the function, through the smart phone or Internet connection, to achieve intelligent, functional diversification. The smart watch, is the watch built-in intelligent system, equipped with a smart phone system and connected to the network and achieve multi-function, can synchronize the phone in the phone, text messages, mail, photos, music, to achieve multi-functional watch.
Demand side analysis
Although the smart watch has appeared many years ago, but then the function is not perfect, practical low, so there is not so welcomed, and now with the introduction of Apple watches, smart phones and constantly improve the function, so smart watches Began the "fire" trend, causing a strong curiosity. Nowadays, with the popularity of smart watches rising, while its market is still in the state of almost undeveloped, smart watches in the future a certain period of time the demand must be on the rise.
As a new type of electronic products, but also the integration of some smart phones like the Internet, call, receive information, weather and other functions, and even replace the smart phone to use, so its market is undoubtedly extremely large, and compared to In the mobile phone, smart watch small size, easy to carry. Compared to the old-fashioned watch, it is more beautiful, powerful, out of the traditional watch a single record time function, is a synonym for fashion, so naturally will be popular.
And because some big brands of smart watches are generally higher prices, such as Samsung smart watch Samsung Gear 2 SM-R380 up to more than two thousand yuan, while Apple Apple Watch is as high as more than 4000 yuan, so the initial smart watch buyers Generally good people in good economy and hobby fashion, the pursuit of personalized high consumption of young people, such as business white-collar workers, young students and others. The following are the same as the "
Supply side analysis
Intelligent wearable equipment field of hot, not only attracted the participation of international giants, a large number of domestic manufacturers also follow the trend of the influx of a time under the name of "smart watches" under the banner of a large number of products. As a highly developable electronic products, and with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone growth rate began to slow down, so smart wearable equipment to become the next one has a broad development prospects of the goal, and smart watches become this A wave of growth in a wave, so for such a big "market cake", there will be more manufacturers to join the market. Some foreign manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google, Microsoft and so on have developed their own smart watches, and some domestic manufacturers like shell, millet, Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, etc. also have their own products, so It is foreseeable that some of China's future mobile phones or other electronics manufacturers and traditional watch manufacturers will certainly move forward to this area, the occupation of market share, which is an inevitable trend.
In this torrent, although Apple, Samsung and other companies in mobile phones and other electronic products to win a huge market, but this does not mean that their smart watches will be the case, for some small domestic mobile phone manufacturers Is so, may not have enough financial, material, human, etc. to produce another product, so in this market context, a large number of manufacturers will seize business opportunities, and then gave birth to some of the franchise business to create smart watches, Apple, Samsung and Google, the smart watch market will soon appear similar to several big giants.
Future price trend
With the development of science and technology, as a continuous improvement of new electronic products, the initial due to technology, technology, materials, lack of experience, the number of other manufacturers within the market and other factors, the high cost of manufacturing smart watches, so the price is corresponding Will generally higher, not the average consumer willing to take the initiative to buy, so this can be said to a certain extent, is a luxury. With the progress of science and technology, the upgrading of technology, the decline of various materials, the upgrading of products, the accumulation of product manufacturing experience, the competition of other manufacturers in the market and other factors, its manufacturing costs will decline, The price is reduced, so that more consumers benefit. And with the competition between different manufacturers, the price of smart watches will be reduced, in this way to win customers, occupation of market share, so as to achieve greater returns. At this time, as a popular electronic products, smart watches will gradually stabilize the price down, and will soon become popular, as everyone can have the product. "
All in all, the smart watch portability, aesthetics, powerful and so on, will make it the next popular smart products, a huge demand. For the love of fashion, there are purchasing power of young people, the current market supply is far from enough, this will lead to high prices, on the other hand will also spawn a large number of manufacturers to join the industry. With the technology, technology, materials, supply, competition between manufacturers and other factors, the price of smart watches will begin to decline, and ultimately smooth down, so that more people have the purchasing power to buy this commodity.
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