Face Sticker

Add some Pizzazz to your Cheerleading or Dance Performance with a Custom Glitter Logo Face Sticker.  You'll always show your team spirit, and now you can show it with your team logo!  These glittery face tattoo's are fun fan favorites. With temporary face tattoos, fans everywhere can stock up, stand out, and shout out with team spirit.

This temporary tattoo sticker is so easy to use. All you need is this sticker and water. And you just wait for about 20 seconds. No glue. No hurt 2.Shows off your flag pattern tattoo sticker and tell others which side you are support when you are watching the match on live. Goal! Stands up and cheers for them 3.These vivid stickers will not hurt your skin. Safe and convenient 4.Takes a photo and annoys the reflective part? Don't worry. This pattern is designed without reflective design. So you can take the photos freely 5.The sun is up. The match is still on. You are sweating and washing your hands and face without worrying about the tattoo sticker will be washed off. Yes. These breathable tattoo stickers are waterproof 6.Want a sticker that can remain for a longer time? This tattoo sticker may help you.

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