Exchange flag

Usually used for advertisement and celebrations, which is easy-hanged and promotion, people can wave, hold, shake it for festival celebration, advertising promotion, supporting and so on.

Symbolic hand waving flags, insignia of hand waving flags with unit, organizations, schools marked words, which will show their image.

Advertising string flag, such as large-scale activities with these special flag, in order to achieve the advertisement.

Ceremonial hand flag, such as sports team exchange the flag by themselves in order to show their friendship.

Usual SIZE: 10*15cm, 14*21cm, 20*30cm, 30*45cm, also we can according to the customers requirement.

We provide customization: Souvenir flag, souvenir banner, exchange flag, exchange banner, mini flag, mini flag banner, club flag, club banner, sport flag, custom sport flag, printed polyester flag, bannerette pennant.

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