PVC & Silicone USB Stick

A custom pvc USB flash drive, thumbdrive or pendrive is a process of making USB body using PVC or silicone mouding to a preferred size and shape of the required design. Process of making custom shape PVC USB flash drive: The PVC custom shape usb flash requires 3 simple steps 

- Design Process - In this process we will provide a 2D or 3D artwork based on product, sketch or logo given to us.​ Usually the 3D artwork design will be provided within 1-3 days once your order is confirmed & upon receiving product images.

- Moulding Process - A custom mould is required to shape and color the PVC USB, This moulding process will required a special CNC milling machine to carve out the design on a steel metal block.

- PVC Assembly - Heated PVC solution will be poured on to the prepared metal block to achieve the required shape and color. As the last step the USB chipset will be assembled into the finished PVC custom shape.

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